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What is Natural Language Processing? Definition and Examples

NLP vs NLU vs. NLG: the differences between three natural language processing concepts It will even suggest subtopics to cover, as well as questions to answer and primary and secondary keywords to include. Of course, you can use it to check for content gaps or opportunities to expand single pieces of content into clusters. It […]

Roblox unveils major metaverse upgrades We Make Games Our Business We Make Games Our Business

Gaming x AI Market Map: The Infinite Power of Play Lightspeed Venture Partners It’s against this backdrop that fledgling European startup Versed is looking to make its mark by allowing anyone to create their own role-playing game (RPG) simply by writing text-based stories and instructions. Versed claims that its AI interprets the narrative and assigns […]

Desperate Parents Turn to Shopping Bots to Hunt for Hottest Christmas Gifts

The Most Powerful Crypto Trading Bot With an effective shopping bot, your online store can boast a seamless, personalized, and efficient shopping experience – a sure-shot recipe for ecommerce success. More and more businesses are turning to AI-powered shopping bots to improve their ecommerce offerings. While physical stores give the freedom to ‘try before you […]